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The Advanced Model of Social Selling

Today, every business has a social media presence to promote its brand, be it a food delivery agency or a bitcoin exchange. Social media marketing is not a new approach anymore. Brands that do not possess LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook accounts are looked upon as outdated.

Organizations have now implemented the latest platforms to reach out to customers and brand enthusiasts with a trending concept to not only create interest in their brands but also humanize them, and generate deep meaningful, and personal customer relationships. This is the concept of social selling.

If you are looking to create a great relationship with your customer with social selling then, read on. Here you will understand what social selling is, understand the challenges, and find the best tools that can be extended to overcome any challenges and set up social selling effectively.

What is Social Selling?

To put it simply, social selling involves identifying, engaging, and establishing purposeful relationships with prospects on social media. Social selling is an augmentation in the process of a generic customer journey that works for any business.

The Advanced Model of Social Selling

It all starts with the onset of a campaign to promote a business or service. It generally involves marketing activities to generate prospects. The prospects generated may get in touch with the company for an inquiry which is then followed up by the sales team. The sales team is responsible to answer all inquiries, and nurturing prospects until a sale happens and passed on to the product/service team for further processes. Therefore, social selling involves steps where the marketing team acquires prospects while the sales team converts those leads into customers.

How is Social Media Marketing different from Social Selling?

While both approaches use similar modes to achieve different ends, social media marketing focuses more on creating brand awareness across diverse channels and social selling involves amplified relationships with the audience.

In social media marketing, the marketing team aims to use various platforms to maximize buzz around a single message, idea, or post. The main metrics for marketing are likes, views, and comments. The marketing team’s target is met once a wide range of prospects are made aware of their brand or service.

On the other hand, when the sales team utilizes the platform, they mainly focus on engaging with prospects and interacting for meaningful conversations with them about their brand for a deeper connection. Many times, this approach increases the chances of sales.

Challenges involved in Social Selling

Social selling is an effective technique and works only if done right. But, it comes with its own set of challenges. Social selling is a great strategy to enhance sales targets and does not come with any outlined strategy. It completely involves time and effort to select and interact with prospects. There cannot be instances where any outright messages can be posted.

The sales team needs to be engaged with the prospects for a long period, answer their concerns, and educate them through several channels like phone calls, emails, or in person. It can sometimes be challenging to maximize your efforts for getting sales. A single inappropriate step can lead to results opposite to what is desired.

Solution for Social Selling hindrance

Whenever a customer posts an inquiry on platforms enquiring about the product, there isn’t any need to log in to the channel to respond to their queries. You can simply utilize Zoho CRM and their suite of products to view, respond and carry on every marketing to sales-related process hassle-free in one convenient place.

AGSuite is a one-stop solution for all your business needs. We help organizations with their business implementation, automation, and organization for diversified business growth. We provide solutions for all the involved challenges, and risks for successful implementation and definite results. Our customization services plan mandatory strategies to deliver the most for your business. Our Zoho support is always in collaboration to incorporate efficiency in your business.

Final Words

There is no count to people using social media for their brands to achieve desired sales. However, exemplary results can be achieved by combining the right marketing approach with the ability to build positive relationships with customers. Above all, selling and social selling are about rendering an outstanding experience to customers with long-term association instead of only flaunting your brand.

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