Zoho Recruit is one of a kind talent recruit system taking special care of numerous obstacles hurdled by recruiters. With complete answers for both in-house recruits and staffing, Zoho Recruit assists you with obtaining, tracking, and recruiting the best applicants for your business, without any shuffling expected across different digital mediums.


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Zoho Recruit

Hiring Software

Use Zoho Recruit, the best tool to automate the whole choice and employing process and incorporate every one of your endeavors. The cloud-based process offers adaptable elements with the goal that you can track down the perfect applicants at the ideal time for the right work. It is the best tool to automate your enrollment interaction and combine corporate HR offices and staffing organizations. We can assist you with utilizing Zoho Recruit and oversee up-and-comers and current representatives really. Alter each part of your business day and mechanize assignments like sending messages & emails, refreshing interview status, and then more. Get reports and analytics readily available and plan better-employing procedures.

Zoho implementation & integration services of Zoho Recruit assists you with merging your whole recruit cycle as it gives you all that you want to mechanize the whole interaction and make information-driven choices.

AGSuite Technologies

In this era of the digital world, Automation is the bread and butter of most employment stages. Recruiting accompanies a lot of routine errands that are basic to get right, for example, overlooking resumes, giving application refreshes, booking meetings, and sending those immensely significant update letters. With automated work processes in Zoho Recruit, these undertakings get taken care of naturally as an applicant travels through your recruiting pipeline. This gives you more energy to look at creating more grounded applicant and user connections. AGSuite is the butter for your bread and can help you take it to the heights!

Key Features

  •  Create and publish job opportunities
  •  Advanced applicant tracking and search system
  •  Careers website page
  •  Emailing
  •  Embed resume form
  •  Integration with LinkedIn
  •  Resume Parsing
  •  Store resume database
  •  Interviews scheduling

Technical Details

  •  Supporting Devices : Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based.
  •  Supporting Language : English, Polish, German, Chinese, Japanese, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Dutch.
  •  Suitable Businesses : Freelancers, Small, Medium, and Large Businesses.