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NetSuite SuiteSuccess: All you need to know

There is no denying the fact that ERP implementation is a big investment in your company’s success. It helps in streamlining business processes, offering more control over business, and staying compliant to regulators. Although the benefits of ERP are numerous, business leaders often hesitate to invest in it. Their concerns are valid and backed by thorough research.


The Perils of Working Without A CRM

Customer Relationship Management, CRM is an important tool used to manage and streamline a business’s relationship with its customers. Precisely, it is a unique arrangement of information that can be referred back any number of times as required.

So, what are the consequences of not having a sound CRM system? Well, if you are a novice user with unventured scope for yourself and your employees then you completely understand the intensity of the learning curve, especially at the corporate level when you also need to consider the ROI factor.

In this blog, we will showcase the benefits of having a CRM and understand what happens when you don’t have any. Let’s see the worth of having a proper CRM system for your business.


Get the Ultimate Operating System for Your Business with Zoho One

Zoho One is an operating system for any business. It is an assortment of applications that work unitedly to run a business on the cloud. With the collective utilization of applications like sales, marketing, human resource, help desk, and accounting when put together, operations become more productive and connected than before. There are more than forty-five web applications and mobile apps that can be accessed in a single account with a centralized administration. Zoho One also comes with some cutting-edge functions like BI, AI, contextual messaging, SSO, Search, Telephony, and Provisioning that exist with all the available apps thus making it a great operating system for your business.

The application lets sales teams generate leads, manage client records, and communicate with them through live chat, phone, or online meetings. Marketers can also create tailored websites and make use of visual analytics to track visitor interactions and page engagement. HR managers can resort to Zoho One for candidate application tracking, resume parsing, interview scheduling, onboarding, and time tracking. Business inventory can be managed for multi-channel orders and take stock of the commodities in the warehouse. The support equally manages the show by controlling tickets and remote assistance.


Zoho People - 5 Benefits of using an employee management System/Software

Employees are the greatest asset for any business. Several sophisticated systems or any well-thought procedure is incomplete if you do not have a motivated, and well-managed staff. An HR professional is responsible for related tasks like recruiting, onboarding and being updated on all compliances. A robust HR Management System with digitized and automated connects employees with employees via HR to carry out administrative related work.

Zoho People is one such HR Software Solution developed by Zoho Corporation. It is a part of the Zoho suite of business applications targeted at small to medium-scale organizations. Zoho People lets teams easily access information from your on-site computers and mobile devices. This lets employees communicate easier with the flexibility for them to check their work status on their tablets and smartphones. The platform lets employees collaborate and communicate using an internal hub. The software also allows data sync with external systems and real-time analytics.


How Disparate Systems Negatively Impact Your Business Productivity?

When you first start off with your business, you probably don’t have much knowledge about it. You simply start with a basic accounting system and spreadsheets. As your business starts maturing, you bring in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), inventory management, project management, and the list goes on. As the time passed on, you’re running the business with 10 or 15 disparate systems. These disparate systems will only get worse over time, and eventually they will kill your business outright. The reason being your employees continuously have to switch between the systems to accomplish their tasks. This isn’t the end of the worries.


Is Tally ERP to Zoho Books Migration Worth It?

Today, the market is flooded with top accounting software. With abundant options available, it becomes hard-pressed to choose one. Not to fuss anymore, but to make things simple, we are here to help you make more wise decisions and choose the best for your business.

Tally ERP is designed to fit any business as it offers flexibility and effortless handling. You can simply focus on running and growing your business as Tally takes care of any intricacy that arises.

On the other hand, Zoho is a cloud platform that prides itself on the pinnacle of well-equipped finance management. Zoho covers you from billing to purchasing, inventory management to tax preparedness making it one of the most sought accounting software.


NetSuite ERP Implementation: Top Tips to Ensure Success

To reap the benefits such as low operating costs, business continuity, agility, real-time access to data, enterprises across the globe are moving to cloud ERP. With 31,000+ global customers, NetSuite is considered as the best cloud ERP solution in the international market. NetSuite offers numerous benefits such as low upfront starting costs, real-time access to financial, operational and transactional data, automation and management of accounting, inventory, operations, distribution and more from a single application. However, these benefits can only be received if NetSuite is implemented correctly.

According to research from Oracle, 70% of ERP implementation projects fail to remain on timeline or within budget. According to Gartner, ERP implementations failure rates can be 75% or higher. McKinsey suggests that more than 70% of all digital transformation projects fail.

Since NetSuite ERP implementation is no less than devil in detail, you need a well defined roadmap to ensure success. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you should do to succeed with your NetSuite ERP implementation.


How to Implement Zoho Project Management in your Business?

The working world has become remote and this transition is more salient than before. Employees are homebound with boardroom meetings organized online, tasks delegated via chat, and completed remotely. One of the leaders in project management is Zoho Projects.

With several segregated processes, diverse teams, and organizational goals, businesses need more systematic activities. Project Management ascertains projects and tasks are organized, completed on time, and within the budget. It is the ultimate way to achieve desired business goals.

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software that is created to combine daily activities and sort among employees for efficient work distribution. Zoho project management software is known for its intuitive interface and simple functions that help businesses maximize performance with effortless planning and project monitoring.

Amongst the various Zoho products, the online project management software & tools in Zoho Projects accomplishes the complete project management basics like creating task, tracking issues, or track tasks with the help of Gantt Charts.


Why your service organization should consider NetSuite SRP for growth and profitability

Enterprises in the service industry often struggle to remain competitive due to lack of insights and transparency into their business processes. Array of disparate systems and tools for project management, time tracking, invoicing, resource planning, and business intelligence hold such organizations back as they’re unable to gain actionable insights that may help them make well-informed decisions.

Since they’re using multiple disparate systems, IT teams have to spend a lot of time in managing such systems while enterprises end up paying huge sums in terms of licensing and maintenance. In order to succeed and stay competitive, organizations that are delivering billable work need a solution that combines work automation, project management, resource management, time tracking, finance & billing, team collaboration, and reporting, offering unified project delivery data.

Since the dollars involved in professional service delivery grow with headcount, the financial benefits of a well-implemented PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution are enormous. PSA solutions empower you with the tools necessary to track key performance indicators for your business. Furthermore, they accumulate insights in a way that can help you allocate resources intelligently to increase profitability and reduce costs.


Zoho Sites: A Complete Product Suite to Power Your Small Business

Owning a website when needed to run a business is inevitable as it lets you connect with numerous digital platforms and potential customers. However, most small businesses cannot afford the designing services of a professional product and tend to look out for something that suits their budget and requirements. Zoho Sites is one such cloud-based ecommerce website builder platform perfect to power up small-scale businesses.

Zoho Sites can be termed as a website builder and a business management tool to optimize your website and get a more SEO-oriented webpage. It includes main functionalities like application tracking, mail management, a meeting solution, etc. Plus, the drag and drop tool eases customization.

The tool is equipped with hundreds of layouts and designs to offer an engaging look to your website. The auto-save feature saves the edited page and prevents any rollback. The website can also be given a personalized touch by embedding your brand name. Therefore, it would be pretty apt to consider Zoho Sites to be an excellent option for start-ups and small businesses.


Top Reasons Why NetSuite Is Vital For Your Business Success

Managing finances manually would not help businesses to achieve the expected results. The reason being insufficient data insights, inaccurate financial picture, and manual processes hold back your organization. In order to succeed in this digitally enabled world, organizations need accounting software that not only automates daily business operations but also gives you real-time financial visibility for well-informed, data-driven decision making.

NetSuite accounting software simplifies the process of recording transactions, managing payables and receivables, collecting taxes and closing the books and enables timely, accurate reporting and greater control of financial assets.


NetSuite Shopify Integration: All you need to know

Enterprises that have been using disparate applications lag behind their competitors because of the siloed data and lack of actionable insights. One such use case is NetSuite ERP and Shopify. Merchants that have been using NetSuite and Shopify separately aren’t getting the most value out of their either applications.


When you’re using both the applications separately, you need to spend most of your time manually moving critical data like online orders and fulfillment between these platforms. Manual processes are error-prone and accuracy of the data is compromised while your team spends too much time in moving and fixing data across both the systems.

To address these bottlenecks, sellers should opt for NetSuite Shopify integration. With this, you can automate your critical business process that in turn helps your time to focus on more critical jobs rather than wasting time in policing your data. In this blog, we’ll discuss why & how you should integrate Shopify with NetSuite and what are the benefits.


How to Choose the Best NetSuite Implementation Partner?

Undoubtedly, NetSuite is recognized as a leading cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution among innovative companies. However, that’s only if it’s implemented correctly. Implementing a cloud ERP solution like NetSuite is no less than devil in detail if you don’t have experience and right resources to do so. An unsuccessful or rushed implementation can have serious negative consequences like employee frustration, loss of trust in upper management, loss of corporate data, prolonged recovery time after the implementation, and even company failure in some cases.

To ensure successful NetSuite implementation, you need the best NetSuite implementation partner who can optimize your business processes and maximize your ROI. Finding the right partner isn't as easy as it appears. To solve this problem, we are outlining what you should look for in an implementation partner, why it’s important to have an experienced implementation partner and how you can identify the right partner for your company.


What are the benefits of Zoho One over individual Zoho Services?

The cumulative marketer population today, from small to medium scale businesses, and to large enterprises depend on Zoho for their various business purposes. Zoho users used a few prominent applications when they started. Now, users are coming across the importance of adopting Zoho One over individual Zoho services.

If you are one of the users and stumbled upon the same query, which one to choose, we have all answers here. To be thorough on our choices, we will uncover what Zoho and Zoho One are, understand the differences between them and help you understand the advantages of using Zoho One over individual Zoho services.


ZOHO DESK: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Customer service is the pillar of a successful business. Without efficient customer service, even a great product, service, or marketing team struggles to retain clients and generate leads. Hence, to suffice all your assistance services, Zoho Desk is an ideal option that boosts user satisfaction by delegating support agents. Keep reading to discover how Zoho Desk builds to be an easy method without hassle.

Zoho Desk is a web-based help desk software that helps you streamline your customer support assistance. The tool works well for omnichannel support, ticket system, workflow automation, self-service tools, and AI-based chat system. The sole reason is to provide quality customer support tools that maximize management and agent productivity with correlated reporting for better decision-making. It is a great value-for-money product starting with a free plan to the premium.


How To Find The Right NETSUITE CLOUD ERP For Your Specific Product/Service

A company’s growth and expansion demand having a 360-degree view of your entire business. While finding the perfect ERP for your business is almost challenging, companies need to ensure that their ERP systems are able to enhance and support the advanced business models. It includes several parameters to look for while choosing an ERP. Once a customized ERP is set in place, there’s no end to a successful relationship.

In simple words, looking for an appropriate cloud ERP is not just a short-term requirement but requires a lot of factors to be considered before finalizing your cloud ERP. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is helpful in several schemes like project management, compliance, risk management, supply chain, accounting, and more for businesses. Netsuite ERP provides an efficient, cost-effective, and integrated management solution to businesses of all types and needs. It’s now time to switch over to the right Netsuite ERP solution.


The ‘07 Easy Ways To Make ZOHO SITES Faster

If you are looking for a zero-code website builder with staggering features required by businesses to create amazing, professionally designed websites in no time then, Zoho Sites must be your ultimate pick. The best functions of Zoho Sites can be used without any prior experience. You get free hosting when you create a website on Zoho Sites.

Zoho Site Builder is a part of Zoho Corporation serving millions of customers worldwide. The upgrading options with great features enhance the website building process with completed automation. You can directly access Zoho Sites if you have bought any software in the Zoho Corporation suite.


Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration: Everything you need to know

To avoid legal actions and hefty penalties, businesses across the globe manage and track finances. Regardless of the industry, accounting helps businesses to remain compliant by enabling the taxation process. Furthermore, it empowers business owners with a crystal clear picture of financial position that eventually leads to well-informed decision making. Zoho Books and Quickbooks are the two most popular cloud accounting apps. However, as per latest research by Zoho Corporations, a lot of companies have started migrating to Zoho Books from Quickbooks. Although Quickbooks and Zoho Books are quite similar in terms of functionality, Quickbooks customers prefer to migrate to Zoho Books as a sustainable and long term investment option.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why organizations are moving from Quickbooks to Zoho Books and what you should do for successful migration.

If you’re using Quickbooks desktop, then moving to cloud based Zoho Books makes sense because of high scalability, flexibility and low operating costs. However, if you’re using Quickbooks online, you must be wondering why to migrate to Zohobooks.


The Most Common Complaints About Zoho CRM, and Why They're Bunk

Zoho CRM is an omnichannel cloud-based customer relationship management platform designed for all types of businesses with centralized sales, marketing, and support management. It assists global businesses to get a hold on their business process and build strong and long-lasting relationships. Zoho comes with over forty advanced applications that bring automation for your brands' social presence to a centralized management system for your business.

The Zoho CRM software cloud-based business platform offers automated sales and marketing tools for helpdesk, analytics, and customer support operations. The Zoho products offer extension to over 300 third-party applications like Office 365, MailChimp, and G Suite. The CRM lets you connect to your vendors, partners, and customers on social media, email, and multiple other communication channels for more conversions and analyzing trends. This aids in advance journey planning to engage with customers at every stage in your campaign.


What exactly is Zoho One and how can it benefit our business?

Zoho One is an integrated business management suite specifically designed to serve organizations to manage their human resource, finance, sales, marketing, and more. The platform is built to assist users to utilize an amalgamated system to transform their multi-formed businesses into accomplished and connected organizations.

Zoho One cloud software suite comprises business solutions that include products from different genres including sales, marketing, customer service, finance, project management, etc. making it the best cloud software for small to medium-size businesses. The main features include contact management, digital signatures, quoting, kanban boards, group calendars, and project tracking. You get the enterprise-level software experience at a much lower cost with the available set of features in Zoho one.


How does Zoho CRM software give more visibility into your business?

Zoho CRM Software is an on-demand, powerful software perfectly suitable for businesses of all forms. Topped with affordable licensing, efficient features, and the potential to integrate with other Zoho cloud solutions makes it a ready-to-use software without any software or hardware installation that provides support, sales, and marketing automation.

The best advantage of Zoho CRM is that the tools can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, making it the best CRM software for small business. The sales process for a business can be carried out smoothly with the help of the Zoho CRM tools hence, reducing manual efforts, time, and resources. While Zoho CRM provides sales and marketing support, its development services centralize complete sales and customer information.


Decode Your Real Estate Business Challenges With Zoho CRM

A real estate business developer understands the number of responsibilities involved and the challenges in resolving them. Now, can those responsibilities be managed efficiently? Everyone looks out to decode the best solution for their business, be flawless at work and look out for the best comprehensive solution.

Real estate business management is quite intimidating, cumbersome, and time-consuming when carried out manually. One can understand the pile-up of files and diligently done spreadsheets that one hunts even for a small piece of information requested by any customer. It is taxing with a growing number of customers - which is the main objective. But, such obsolete methods limit the robust execution of work slacking off tasks.


Is your business working at its maximum capacity? AGSuite Zoho Certified Consultants can help

Our Zoho master consulting team brings a specific range of abilities to your Zoho project. Empower your business to make smart technology ventures, further develop practices, and set aside time and cash if our objective. We overcome any barrier between business requirements and technology solutions through open cooperation with our clients.

Nobody understands your business better than you - thus, we don't anticipate pigeonholing you and making you use Zoho in a manner that doesn't help or make sense to you. All things considered, our affirmed Zoho experts plunk down with you in a consulting commitment called a Business Process Analysis to truly get a "lay of the land." From that point on, our Zoho specialists can give you a strong plan of action for pushing ahead - a technological guide to follow. Your plan contains a confirmed Zoho solution, something we can stand behind.


NetSuite CRM and ERP Integration

Businesses hoping to automate main business processes ordinarily take a look at two fundamental software solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). ERP helps organizations with running a fruitful business by associating their operational and financial systems to a central database, while CRM oversees how customers communicate with their businesses.

Both act as vital information vaults. Both additionally help on more departments and, while they are often built on a similar stage, the software is frequently purchased independently and incorporated where required.

This article will help with distinguishing the critical qualities of both CRM and ERP, how they contrast and whether a business needs ERP, CRM or both.


6 reasons why pharmaceutical companies need NetSuite

Pharmaceutical companies are in need of a robust, scalable and efficient ERP platform to manage their day-to-day operations. The lackadaisical approach toward managing patient records with multiple tools only leads them to more complications than before.

ERPs offer an integrated solution for all types of administrative tasks including finance monitoring which is crucial when it comes down to how much money can be made by each employee within your organization.

To meet all these demands, Oracle NetSuite has created an ERP solution based on ‘True cloud’ which offers all essential features for today's modern hospitals at any scale with unmatched scalability in mind!


Zoho One – The Complete Tool for your online business

Zoho One is the most complete and creative set-up of business software for your whole business. Zoho One offers each business the requirement for fundamental web-based tools like CRM, cloud storage, email, social media, analytics, and more. It is a solitary set-up of business applications that incorporates at each level and would kill the requirement for extra programming and software.


NetSuite - #1 Cloud ERP Software should choose NetSuite

NetSuite is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning software that runs on the web and it shows up with the capacities crucial to any business out there including your business. It incorporates different attributes for a business like financial management, accounting management, CRM (customer relationship management), human resources, campaign & inventory management and more. It deals with all the significant business processes in a single framework with practically no complicated setups or programming. It makes the organizations cost-efficient and helps them in running proficiently. For any business that is looking for high-growth hoping to incorporate information and limit mistakes, the NetSuite ERP framework offers many benefits. It is an across the board command core to direct all the business activities.


4 reasons why Wholesale Distributors should choose NetSuite

Wholesale Distribution is an important aspect of business growth. Wholesale distribution refers to the bulk transportation, purchase, and sale of goods and the activities associated with the transfer of goods through different single and multi-layered distribution channels. Wholesale distribution of goods involves a lot of elements like customers, suppliers, and intermediaries. As the gamut of wholesale distribution increases, the impending level of complexity associated with the functioning of wholesale distribution about the amount of taxation to be charged and the quota and tariff limits to be levied on the goods become a complex calculation. This can at times lead to disruption in the overall trade balance and thereby create a negative impression among businesses regarding the facet of wholesale distribution.


NetSuite analytics warehouse pre-built analytics help customers accelerate insights

Organizations nowadays are highly dependent on the functioning of data operations. Automation of work has enabled easier streamlining of data thereby guaranteeing better resource utilization and enhanced optimization of existing business structures. For easier identification of data mining structures, Oracle NetSuite has launched a warehouse pre-built data mining model. It helps customers identify grouped and ungrouped data, streamline data according to the existing business pattern, finance the division making process of the business environment and thereby take actions to enhance the fundamental growth of the business environment. Therefore business organisations need to adopt such a pre-built warehouse designed by Oracle to ensure better growth of existing business structures.


Warehouse Management System: Introduction and Benefits

What do you visualize when the term ‘Warehouse’ drops in your ears?

Maybe a huge room occupied with stacks of boxes arranged on numerous racks, and sometimes a few robots & machines. This huge room and these racks are an inevitable part of a myriad range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, agriculture, FMCG, etc.


7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify for Your eCommerce Business

The trend of online shopping is witnessing inflation without bounds. People are feeling more secure while paying online due to enhanced payment security. Shopping from your couch on your mobile or laptop is a different zone of comfort. These drastic changes in shopping trends have propelled the demand for the migration of brick & mortar shops to online stores.

These factors have raised the bar for competition among millions of existing websites and many new to land in the market. But don’t worry, Shopify has made online presence easy for you. You can build your online store with Shopify and sell your products to a large pool of online shoppers.

With minimal configuration, Shopify is an ideal platform for building an online store. There are many reasons why you should set up your eCommerce store on Shopify. Let us make you familiar with a few.


Zoho Improvements and Latest Features Update for August 2021

Zoho has kicked off the August with a few updates and improvement from Zoho. For all the Zoho users, AGSuite Technologies wants to present all the updates and bug fixes so that you know what new has come. This month we got updates mainly for Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. Zoho also fixed some bugs in Creator.


NetSuite Cloud ERP : An Overview of what it is and its Features

NetSuite, a name that has changed the way many companies operate across the world. It has emerged as a name that has done revolution in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry. This revolution has never made any company’s growth stand-still and marked its existence resolutely. NetSuite cloud ERP is #1 cloud ERP with a myriad range of features for your business.

The unbeatable functionalities and efficient performance of NetSuite cloud ERP has lessened the amount and type of work that used to get on everyone’s nerves. Even after delivering so much efficiency in work, many people might not be familiar with NetSuite cloud ERP. So let’s first understand what exactly NetSuite cloud ERP is.


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