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Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books - All you need to know

Businesses are desperately looking to migrate from QuickBooks post its announcement to halt its operations in India early next year. There has been no official reason, and a decision was made by its parent company Intuit. However, as per reports, this careful decision has been made as QuickBooks can no longer continue to deliver and support its products serving businesses and accounting professionals across India. This blog mainly focuses on suggesting viable alternatives for QuickBooks India.

There has been a rise in opportunities in the IT sector after the closure announcement. The post-COVID situation has given rise to numerous small to medium-scale enterprises introducing several software-based products, services, and solutions. This is backed by other domestic, international, and Government corporations in India. The withdrawal of QuickBooks India services will undoubtedly leave a vacuum in the SaaS sector and pave the way for efficient alternatives like Zoho Books.

Migration from QuickBooks to Zoho Books

QuickBooks Closedown in India

Intuit’s product QuickBooks released the cessation of its operations in India effective from January 31, 2023, but later access was extended until April 30, 2023, honoring multiple requests from its customers in India. The closure applies to all subscriptions and services for QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Time, QuickBooks Online Accountant, and QuickBooks mobile app.

There has been a declaration to transition out of its products and services to other alternative software. There are also a few Government approved compliant alternatives listed out for migration. Consumers are communicated regularly to avoid any inconvenience and make a smooth transition from Quickbooks to another software.

Primitive Alternative for QuickBooks Migration

The stoppage of QuickBooks services in India has given rise to many domestic software and services to operate small and medium-sized businesses catering to the entire Indian market in near future. QuickBooks itself has listed a few Government approved alternatives to its services related to payroll, accounting, and business management. After discreet analysis, the best pick to adopt new accounting services can be Zoho Corporation, which seems to be the most affordable and comprehensive cloud-based accounting software product.

About Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an end-to-end accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses to manage finance across a unified organization. The system automates different financial processes like payroll, accounts payable and receivable, time tracking, inventory control, transaction management, banking, and more. Moreover, Zoho Books can manage customer and client communications through a common portal where they can securely save their payment information for further transactions. Zoho Books is a web-based tool that can be accessed from any browser without any requirement for installations or downloads.

Reasons to Choose Zoho Books

Resources are the driving reason behind a company’s success, hence, it is crucial for a company to employ trustworthy software to manage books and finances. Zoho is an Indian company and the cloud-based Zoho Books can be assured of data protection. Zoho Books can be integrated with any of the Zoho products and integration with Zoho CRM automates your business processes and lets your team collaborate more effectively than ever. It is also possible to import data from QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online to Zoho Books.

With the implementation of outstanding software like Zoho Books, operations get simplified for payroll, taxes, and profit management. The accounting and bookkeeping services need seamless assistance and the trustworthy answer is always Zoho Books.

Nevertheless, of any robust software used, data migration is not an easy process. It requires a thorough understanding of the software and migration procedure along with the team’s capability to adapt to new tools. One can start with a free trial and then set up Zoho Books to migrate data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books.

Zoho Books can be termed way better than QuickBooks because of its wide range of services including invoice generation and billing, tax calculation, payroll services, project management, client, customer, and bank account management, and generating financial reports. There are several benefits of Zoho Books that range across its features from invoicing and billing to report generation. All processes are automated that also reduces the overall time in comparison to manual accounting.

AGSuite Assistance in Migration Process

AGSuite Technologies is an authorized Zoho Partner and has been using Zoho products including Zoho CRM, Zoho One, Zoho People, Zoho Books, and many other products from its suite. Our team of experts manages migration services, Zoho Books setup, and bookkeeping, year-end tax returns, and tax and statutory audits. Hence, we recommend every client and customer migrate to Zoho software because we believe Zoho products are immensely productive, well-designed, and helpful for the management of all types of businesses.

In addition to aiding the migration of data services to Zoho software, we also facilitate entire accounting services outsourced by our clients, along with monthly financial statement generation, MIS, statutory, and return filing, all managed with Zoho software. We hold proficiency in creating workflows and reports as per business needs and demands for which the suite of products in Zoho is much helpful.

Final Words

If you are thinking that the migration process from one accounting system to another is a complicated and tedious process then we are here to make that process easy and effortless for you. However, the shutdown of QuickBooks services in India has left users with an option to switch over to another software and there can be no other option than Zoho. It offers a complete package that businesses would prefer and wish to avail of. Contact us for more details as we are presently assisting businesses to digitize their accounting and payroll system to significantly reduce costs and efforts to meet necessary compliances.

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