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How does NetSuite SuiteAnalytics enable growth and improve ROI

In this era of cut-throat competition, data insights play a crucial role in keeping you abreast from your competitors. Businesses that are struggling with data silos or have limited data visibility and accessibility face substantial risks. This is evident from insights by Experian's Global Data Management research that suggests that 70% of the respondents out of 1000 people talked believed that poor data and lack of insights are impacting their strategic business objectives - namely customer experience. They're mainly struggling with two things: gaining timely access to all relevant data and in developing trust in the accuracy of their data.

Thus, organizations need to understand that if they aren’t empowered with the tools and capabilities necessary to analyze their data, they will face substantial risks. The above mentioned challenges can be addressed perfectly with NetSuite cloud ERP. NetSuite is a great cloud ERP solution that comes packed with SuiteAnalytics analytics and “out-of-box” reporting capabilities, enabling CEOs, CFOs, and business owners to have real-time visibility into company operational and financial performance across all business functions.

How does NetSuite SuiteAnalytics enable growth and improve ROI

How does NetSuite SuiteAnalytics help you stay ahead of the market race?

  • Real-time dashboards : NetSuite’s centralized business intelligence (BI) approach eliminates data silos by gathering all information into a single location for analysis. The real-time dashboards help stakeholders to take advantage of opportunities, neutralize threats and mitigate risks in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Since dashboards include customized reports, pivot tables, graphs, and real-time stats, stakeholders can easily make decisions based on available actionable insights.
  • Analytics on the go : NetSuite Suite Analytics is all about exploring KPIs and identifying real-time actionable inputs. However, the support for mobility takes NetSuite an extra mile to benefit its customers. The real-time SuiteAnalytics dashboards can be embedded within custom applications, enabling key stakeholders to drill down records and identify key issues on the fly. All this doesn’t require any third-party tool.
  • Consumer-oriented dashboards : NetSuite's rich visualizations of data enable non-technical users to understand the trends to stay ahead of the competitive curve. With ease of access to trends, patterns and outliers, NetSuite improves collaboration and drives efficiency in your business processes. Ability to drill down from KPIs and charts into transaction-level analytical reports allow business users to understand company wide performance across all business functions.
  • Saved search : To filter out massive data, NetSuite offers an excellent option of Saved Search. It is a list of real-time results based on criteria and filters. Using Saved Search, stakeholders can quickly access custom metrics and also share search results with other users. Saved Searches can be exported in Excel, CSV and PDF formats.
  • SuiteAnalytics Workbook : Leveraging this, users can easily and securely explore their data based on sophisticated criteria filters. Using Workbook pivot and chart capabilities, decision makers can easily identify new patterns including drill down into charts and graphs for more detail. Business users can easily gain access to key business critical analytics components for faster decision-making.
  • SuiteAnalytics Connect : NetSuite empowers you with the ability to archive, analyze and report on NetSuite data using a third-party tool. NetSuite Connect provides ODBC, JDBC and ADO .Net drivers to facilitate connectivity to a variety of applications, including Microsoft® Excel, BIRST, Adaptive and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Since you’re now aware that NetSuite SuiteAnalytics is a great tool that helps business users and stakeholders a better understanding of the details behind their data, you also need to understand that you need a trusted NetSuite implementation partner to make most out of it. AGSuite is an experienced Oracle NetSuite Solution provider that helps you to get the most out of your NetSuite investment. Feel free to contact us for NetSuite Optimization services.

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