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05 Key Components Of Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software that lets you create and manage your sale and purchase order, and track your inventory. It can also be integrated with online sales platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. The complete range of software services lets you manage order fulfillment, boost sales, and control shipping costs. Businesses can remarkably rely on Zoho Inventory as it includes all the required components to manage the entire supply chain.

In addition to the integration features of Zoho Inventory with major third-party services and other business features, it can also be unified with CRM, bookkeeping software, and a marketing technology stack. In this blog, you can understand the efficient development of the supply chain with Zoho Inventory.

Top-class Order Management

Conventional order management used to be difficult to use, expensive, and with fewer features a business needed. Hence, Zoho came up with inventory management that gives businesses a complete range of tech features required to manage and grow a business involving ordering, management, and shipment of physical products. Most Zoho Inventory customers include those from e-commerce businesses, but Zoho Inventory can be interestingly used to manage retail stocks, warehouses, or logistics.

05 Key Components Of Zoho Inventory

With this, you can manage both offline and online orders with an efficient management system with third-party integration. It is also easy to place orders once a customer confirms and moves the stock. Therefore, your supply chain gets more efficient and offers faster product delivery.

Steady Warehouse Management

Zoho Inventory also provides a comprehensive suite of warehouse management tools that are designed to work for all-sized businesses. Large-sized businesses can take support from inventory management for data-driven inventory control and multi-warehouse management.

Zoho Inventory comprises warehouse management tools that are helpful for controlling logistics throughout your supply chain and optimizing inventory by moving items between warehouses. In the case of online business, warehouse management tools can speed up delivery times and cut transportation costs. Once an order is confirmed, Inventory can automatically analyze from which warehouse to send an order. Moreover, Inventory also helps in your marketing efforts by validating multi-channel selling, performance measurement, and managing payment gateways.

Concurrent Shipping Rates

Another feature is the ability to accurately calculate shipping rates from different providers within a single platform. With Zoho, users get live shipping rates from main shipping providers. The ability to access real-time shipping rates provides a multifold advantage over other inventory management tools in the market. With inventory, you can save a significant amount of money on shipping costs at every point of your supply chain.

On the whole, Inventory gets real-time shipping rates from major shipping providers where the costs are based on speed, weight, distance, and other external factors. Once the shipping provider is finalized, you can use Zoho to get your products delivered properly.

Extended Tracking

Zoho is known to provide advanced features that let you monitor your goods as they are transported through the supply chain. Inventory can be integrated with important providers in order to track deliveries on the supply chain with the help of unique serial numbers. You can link your products with the serial numbers of their purchases.

Inventory comprises a batch tracking feature that lets businesses handle group items. Batch tracking can be used to create invoices, identify defects in your supply chain and make improvements on taking action before perishable items expiry. Once batch tracking is set up, you can create comprehensive reports that show actionable insights into your inventories that are fully customized and in easy-to-understand formats like XLS, PDF, CSV, etc.

The reports obtained from Inventory are robust as they assist in generating insights that can be used by the entire organization and these reports are important as they help sales teams to alter their decisions based on the updated inventory levels.

Zoho Apps Integration

Zoho offers a wide range of business apps that are designed to work together seamlessly. Hence, Zoho can help businesses synchronize data involved in CRM, accounting, e-commerce websites, marketing tools, and other principal business modules that use digital information. Zoho Inventory integrates with hundreds of third-party apps that are still growing, seamless, and secure. Businesses are most likely to make use of data when integrations are simple and save significant amounts of time and resources. Major apps that Zoho Inventory integrates include Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Google Shopping, and more.

The crux of every business is that Zoho Inventory offers a complete range of features imperative to run a top-class supply chain. Moreover, Zoho Inventory comes at affordable pricing for businesses of all sizes. AGSuite is for your assistance to use technology and improve your inventory management.

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